As a China leading metallurgical equipment manufacturer and designer, Xi'an Taoyuan Metallurgical Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in research, development and manufacturing and engineering of industrial electroheat equipments,industrial fuel-fired equipments and refining equipments. TYMEC has provided over 300 sets of steelmaking electric arc furnaces and LF with various specifications for domestic iron and steel companies (plants) over years, which plays an active role for the development of electric furnace steelmaking and liquid steel refining after converter steelmaking. Along with the deep development in domestic market, TYMEC has gradually entered and gained recognition in international market with its EAF and LF successfully exported to Turkey, Pakistan, Malaysia, Iran, Vietnam, Nicaragua as well as Taiwan region.

Add.: 17F, Tangyan International Center,No.3, Tangyan Road, High-tech development zone,
Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province
Tel:86 29 88347803/4
Fax:86 29 88347810

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